November 27, 2018
Poetry by ELÆ [Lynne DeSilva-Johnson], Rax King, and Rosebud Ben-Oni
Wendy Lu: Lecture on disability activism/”Changing the Disability Narrative”


Past Readings


September 27, 2018
Poetry by Sarah Sala, Roberto Montes, and Nikay Paredes
Irene Villaseñor: Lecture on contemporary Indigenous art

June 29, 2018
Poetry by Joey de Jesus, Jen Levitt, and Jerome Ellison Murphy
Lynn deSilva-Johnson: Lecture on Trauma, Disability, Neuroplasticity, and more

May 25, 2018
Poetry by Julia Guez, Wren Hanks, and Amy Meng
Daniel Hernandez Diaz: Lecture on Astrophysics/
“The History of the Universe in 15 Minutes”

April 23, 2018
Poetry by Sahar Muradi, Valerie Hsiung, and Chase Berggrun
Jordan C Vaughn: Lecture on Post-Reformation Black Wealth

March 30, 2018
Poetry by Paul C Stone, Jen Hyde, Jen Levitt
Hubert Vigilla: Lecture on Cinema

February 26, 2018
Poetry by Jayson P Smith, Rio Cortez, and Yanyi
Sarah Brunstad: Lecture on Women in Comics

January 26, 2018
Poetry by Jenny Xie, Ricardo Maldonado, and Marwa Helal
Dan Thompson: Lecture on Immigrant Law