Although there is no shortage of opportunity to attend literary events in NYC, they all seem to follow a similar formula: a handful of writers read to an audience not much larger than the line-up, affecting “poet’s voice” in an understandable, if unfortunately predictable, grab at authorial validation. We founded WEIRDD as an alternate way to deliver this validation—our series is predicated on curating events that recreate the awe one feels when experiencing inimitable, curious, and wild art for the first time.

We aim to repopulate the literary event format with electric performers, backed by seriously magnificent writing. We prioritize the unabashed celebration of our poets, embedding reverence into the fabric of the diligent reader introductions we craft. And perhaps most importantly, we seek to directly counter the limits of the American imagination; we’ll amplify ignored voices, de-center the white experience, and make welcome and solidarity our bywords for the most thrilling artists in our favorite medium.